Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've got Tagged ^^

I was tagged by Adriyah!!

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1. I have so many requested on Youtube Channel but sadly I did not have time to do it for you guys!!!!!!! I wanted to do it but lighting was bad during the night time and day time I was busy with school soooooooooooo... hope you guys won't get mad on me T-T

2. Now I'm planning to visit LONDON and KOREA so... YESSSSS I have to stop buying thingsss!!! hahaha...

3. I want a NEW PHONE :( NEW HAIR STYLE :( NEW HAIR COLOR :( OMG I want so many things.. hahahah

4. I miss every of my youtubers.. :( I feel like I lost track with all of youuu... and that's horrible.

5. I'm so happy with my shop now... PEARISTA by PEARISA ... So hope that you guys will support me hahah so I can collect money for my upcoming trips! :P Moreover, thank you every customers who sincerely trust and purchased on my shop!! THANK YOUUUU

6. This is so random and I don't know what to write anymore butttt... thank you for reading this guys!! I will do my best to do my tutorials!!! Thanks againn.. and love you all .. xoxoxoxoxoxo


1. miemie

2. Vera

3. Nikki

4. Christiana

5. Yuki

6. Jesmakeup

thank you for reading this!! take care guys!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Modishgirl introducing THE clubbing dresses!!

Product Name: "Safari One Shoulder Dress"
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Product Name: "Zebra Halter Dress"
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Product Name: "Sexy Party Girl Dress"
Price: $16.99
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Product Name: "Chic Greyish Minidress"
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Monday, October 6, 2008

VOTD: silver&purple makeup look

What I used: (not Mac will be stated)

Manly 120 eyeshadow palette
NYX jumbo pencil in pots&pans
Annasui pencil liner in purple
Blacktrack fluid liner
Plushlash mascara in black
Landcome mascara

Play around pink beauty powder

Cherish l/s
Lulu l/g

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clothes for SALE!! chic & fun collection

This collection consists of 4 blouses and 1 T-shirt. It's really fun and of course it gives you a feeling of SEXY and CHIC at the same time. There are photos of each item post which model by ME hahaha!! So you can actually see how it looks like in person.

SIZE: every items are freesize. However, it can only fits small - medium large since it was manufacture in Thailand.

International Shipping cost (not register): USD$5.95 for BLOUSES and USD$7.50 for T-shirt - add more USD$2 for register mail which you will receive tracking number.

Packaging: In a Bubble envelope - An envelope padded with a plastic bubble sheet for surface protection during delivery.

Payment: by Paypal ONLY

LIME GREEN Blouse with Royal Blue strip - USD$ 9 (out of stock)

FLORAL PRINT IN GREEN!! - USD$ 9 (out of stock)

GRAPHIC T-SHIRT IN SOFT GRAY - USD$ 10.25 (sold out)

PINK with TEAL Strip - USD$ 9 (out of stock)

BLACK BLOUSE with Grayish strip - USD$ 9(out of stock)


Friday, October 3, 2008

VOTD: Tempting quad

Well, I've been gone for weeks again - -" I'm so sorry you guys... forgive me. Anyway, this is the tempting quad from cult of cherry which some of you has been requested. I really like the quad, however, you can find so many dup. for those colors. Anyway, hope you like this look as well as my hair style hahahah.. Actually, my hair was such a mess, so I decided to do something with it and it came out with this hairstyle. So yeah! Enjoy!! See ya soon.... xoxo

What I used: (none Mac will be stated)

Tempting quad
HIP fluid liner in Black
BarryM pencil liner in Black
Ebay Falsies
BarryM eye crayon in green#03
Vanila p/g
Landcome mascara

Space out
ELF persimmon shimmering cream stick

Cherish l/s
Bonus beat l/g
Vanila p/g

Laura Mercier primer
Mineralize skinfinished (I don't know what colors, it's in japanese)
Sculpt and shape powder in Bone Beige Emphasize

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My outfit of the day!!

Well, I'm so into jumpsuit right now!!!.. So yessssss !!!!!!!!!!!! I really like this outfit. What do you guys think??? I'm not so confident with it though.. but HeY!! I already bought it soo.. that's that!! hahahaha LIKE IT????????