Friday, October 3, 2008

VOTD: Tempting quad

Well, I've been gone for weeks again - -" I'm so sorry you guys... forgive me. Anyway, this is the tempting quad from cult of cherry which some of you has been requested. I really like the quad, however, you can find so many dup. for those colors. Anyway, hope you like this look as well as my hair style hahahah.. Actually, my hair was such a mess, so I decided to do something with it and it came out with this hairstyle. So yeah! Enjoy!! See ya soon.... xoxo

What I used: (none Mac will be stated)

Tempting quad
HIP fluid liner in Black
BarryM pencil liner in Black
Ebay Falsies
BarryM eye crayon in green#03
Vanila p/g
Landcome mascara

Space out
ELF persimmon shimmering cream stick

Cherish l/s
Bonus beat l/g
Vanila p/g

Laura Mercier primer
Mineralize skinfinished (I don't know what colors, it's in japanese)
Sculpt and shape powder in Bone Beige Emphasize


OnyxK said...

pear you looked lovely! your hair didnt look bad i thought it went well with ur look. the eye look was fun and cool.thnx


Pear said...

thank you Onyxk ^^

Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

You look so pretty!

Pear said...

thanks Pink!

Jessica said...

hey which store did you get your ebay falsies from? gorgeous look!! <3 take care

Pear said...

To: Jessica

I bought it from beauty_space88 ... but if you buy my cloth, I can just give it for free as a special gift for you^^