Monday, December 29, 2008


Dear my lovely readers,

I miss everyone here!! I've been gone for like ages, I know. Sorry...... Hope you guys have a great times~! Have fun during the holidays, and please be careful !! BE SAFE DEARS!!

I would like to say thank you for all your support. If there's no you guys, then I won't be here talking to you guys now. You guys are so nice to me. . . What more I can say, but Thank You So Much for everything.

If you guys have any questions, requests, or want to chat you can contact me now through my msn account ( or email me :) This is easier way for us to talk about everything.

Moreover, next year FOR MY SHOP, I will open PRE-ORDER on KOREAN CLOTHING as well. This way you can choose your favorite stuffs and have it in your own size. The korean style is very popular now among Asian teenagers :P especially here in Thailand. So, if you like to see the cloth please check out this website - Even though it's in Korean, but you can just look at the picture and give me the url or name of the products. Very easy right!! If you have any questions just contact me directly :)

However, I still having instock cloth which made in Thailand .... Just like I always sale.. :) Cheaper though...

Then for makeup, I know you guys been requests ALOT.. :P and I didn't get to do some of the looks - -" I'm so sorry. I will try to do things that you like.. and also my room tour as well :D

I PROMISE!! I will do the look for NEW YEAR!! and MOREEE will have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON MY SHOP TOO!!!! SO WATCH OUT!!!

Till then, take care :) and have funnn...


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