Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chiffon black&white strip Jumpsuit on sale!!

*CHIFFON black&white strip JUMPSUIT*

click on photos to enlarge

Description: a Chiffon black&white strip with a elastic jumper on the waist. I don't know how to describe the length so I decide to wear it and take the picture instead. It's BRAND NEW.

size: Free size. I'm size4 or equivalent to M and it perfectly fine. So small size or a little bit bigger than my size will able to wear it.

Price: USD$14 - I got this one a little bit high so sorry .. I'll try better next time ^^

International Shipping cost (not register): USD$5.95 - add more USD$2 for register mail which you will receive tracking number along with the invoice.

Packaging: In a Bubble envalope - An envelope padded with a plastic bubble sheet for surface protection during delivery.

Payment: by Paypal ONLY

If you interested in this outfit please put the reservation on the comment box and I will contact you back as fast as possible .. First come first serve basis..

If there's many customers (which I hope so haha) who want this outfit then I will try to get more for you.

Thank you for shopping with me ..


OnyxK. said...

cute shoes!! the lighting for the pic on the right is really good. gl!

Adriyah said...

That's really pretty! I wonder if it will fit me. I wear size 1 in jeans. lol.

Anyway, if you have any blouses, I might buy some! yay! :D

Pear said...

It fits every size lower than mine ... ^^ So of course it will fits you adriyah ^^