Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Heyy.... i got tagged by Adriyah my lovely youtube friend!! This is all about the relationship thingy and well... it looks funnn thoughh... ^^

Here's the rules:
1. Pass this game on to 5 people
2. Write Down 5-10 ways your relationship ticks and works for you
3. Include a brief history of how you and your significant other met or a timeline, whichever you prefer :)

PS. haha I'm lazy to re-write this so I just copy from Adriyah's blog!! :P sorry ^^

Soo.... Here's the people I'm tagging:
1. Askmewhat makeup - Nikki
2. Dee
3. Stacy
4.Veralogy - Vera
5.Cocostyle - Yuki

So I will start noww!!

5 ways for relationships:

I believe first thing is to be TRUST on each others - Well that's the first thing for relationship to work, isn't it??!! If you and your partner do not trust on each other, I believe that the relationship will end sooner or later... In my opinion, I think trust is hard to achieve but when you actually trust on someone... it's relief!! Less arguing or fightng.. hahah.. that's all I can think of though..

Secondly, UNDERSTANDING is the must!! Relationship cannot move on without understand each other. To be understand someone, you need to spend times, and talk to each others A LOT. It needs like many months to years to understand him/her. Well, it not just you talk for a month and you think that you know everything about them. It's impossible!! It takes times ...

With understanding, it comes with ACCEPTING for who he/she are. Probably, so many people arguing about those differences. Just like I did. Sometimes, to accept your partner.. I mean accept them for who they are as well as accept their past. Sometimes, people cannot turn back times and change things. Sometimes, people might regret on what they did. But things that you should do is to give him a warm hug and do not start talking over and over about those past that you cannot accept or those actions that you hate. It just that, you need to forget something that unnecessary or consider as stupid subject, let it go, and cheer up your partner.

Well, 2 more to go... NEXT I believe is FAITHFUL. Wellll you definately don't want your bf/gf to have another person besides you. If your lover found out.. it not just he/she hurts but you will be twice as hurt as they were.. Any mistake you did, I believe your lover will forgive you but for this case... I don't think they will... If they did then you are lucky!!

Lastly, is FRIENDSHIP.. not only you love them but love can be fade away through times. I think friendship is the key. You are his/her lover as well as his/her friend. It will makes a difference if he/she can actually tell you everything just like he/she did with friends. I don't know but I think to make yourself like one of your partner's friend will make him more relax and of course you will be delighted when he talks to you about everything... 555 I don't know. I think I repeat some words over and over again. But hope you get the point of what I tried to said. 5555

There's more ways to make your relationship tick.. but I just think that those five keys for me are very important :) So... hope you understand it and hope you having fun reading them 555

Now it's time for my story:

I met my boyfriend way back when I was freshmen... 555 (now am senior) Anyway, I know who he was and he know who I was BUT we never get to talk or know each other ... hahaahah.. Everything happened because of Facebook's wall ... He just wrote on my wall and then I added his email and things start there!! 55555 Anyway, we're in relationship for over a year already and sadly he has to go study in ENGLAND .. - -" So now I'm kind of SADDD ... but hopefully I'll recover soon ^^ that's it guys... very weird but very simple 5555

this is my photos of me and my babyyy...


Adriyah said...

aw! That's so sweet & He's such a lucky lucky guy! You're sooo pretty! :D

Anonymous said...

you are so right!! You guys looks so cute ^^ My BF is Canadian and we have a long distance relationship for almost 4 years!!!
I know its long ^^
For us, trusting is very important!

Pear said...

awww... thanks both of youu!!

Coco: .. Long distance relationship ...!! i hate it .. :( because it makes me miss him even moreeeeeee...!!

Dee said...

haha, i got tagged..

Love will make you guys has NO distance..i remember you said you are going to UK for your master after you grad right? You are really pursuiting for love which i think you are GREAT! Time can tell everything,especially relationships,... I wish you guys all the best, yes i do..

will do mine soon..


Pear said...

thank you DEE.. waiting to read yourss.. :)