Saturday, September 27, 2008

LOTD: Saturday look - going to mall

Well, I really like this dress.. It looks like 2 pieces but it's actually comes together..!! I just want to dress it up a little bit so I decided to pair it with waist belt in Black :P Then I wear Prada's bad with Ninewest heels!! That's that... nothing much.. Do you like it?? :P

For my makeup, I use pigments from Overrich Collection !! LOVING IT!! I'll have them for sale as well!! ^^ So yesss... that's that.

Then.... For my SHOP : I will post all the pigments I have and prices ... I promise, it is not expensive as you think ^^

Well well... since there's so many of you asking me about my clothes ^^ WELLLLLLL... So I was thinking, I might open the cloth shop along with the cosmetic shop.. The cloth will be around USD$10-15 soo.... It's cheappp though... Just like in the pictures...!! only USD$12 without shipping (ofcourse !!) hehe... So ..... Yea that's just my thinking!! but If you like it I do sale.. It's BRAND NEW!!! and it comes in various colors soo... ^^ hope you will consider it tooo ^^

Anyway, so much of rembling today :P Anyway, I'll do the makeup tutorial tomorrow so you will not forget my FACE!! :P

take care guys..!! Thanks for reading hehehe.... !!



Askmewhats said...

awww this is a cute outfit, I would have never thought it's one piece! you look too cute with the smile!

Pear said...

hahaahah thank you :P

Adriyah said...

Yeah I will maybe like the shirt you have on when you did the whats in my purse vid? :D

How much do you think the shipping will be?

Pear said...

I think it's around USD$4-5 ... :) OH that chiffon shirt?? Yea..!! That one is so cute though heheh ^^

Adriyah said...

Yeah! Not bad! :D Lemme know when you have the clothes online store so I can shop! haha!

oh btw, i created a personal blog:

strictly for personal friends but since you are one of my close friends here, I am inviting you to view it :D

Jo said...

cute!maybe you could do a styleguide sometime?;) Give us a little sneakpeek of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe/shoes/bags? Almost like your video of your makeup collection? Love your style! It's so cute, yet sophisticated!! Hugs

Pear said...

sure ^^ There are many requests on it too ^^

veraology said...

aw pear! Im so jealous of you! your figure is perfect :(!! i wish i could wear something like that. xo cute outfit girl!

Pear said...

you can wear it Vera ^^ It will look good on you too ^^ I think I'm a little bit short!! hmm.. like 170s centimeters ^^

Diane said...

Pear, I want this outfit! Where can I buy it@?

Pear said...

with me diane!! ^^ I listed the price on the blog already too.. ^^

Jessica said...

hey! im from toronto canada. i really like this blue and black dress. <3 looks gorgeous on you hun! how can i buy it? i hope shipping isnt expensive :((((

Pear said...

Hey Jessica,

Price: 12$
Shipping cost:USD$7.50

I have Blue/black, Purple/black, and Teal/black

you can email me for more information -

BabyMimii'xo said...

Hey P,
Have you still got this dress ?
i'm kinda very really late but i really like it & i've got a party this sturday,
so i really need a decent dress & i so love this!!!!
i'm from UK!
reply back please
love yu xoxo