Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Helloo my lovely readers and youtubers, now I'm start selling PIGMENT SAMPLES. As you know how much I love my pigments. I normally use it everyday just because how pigmented and vibrant it is. Hence, one jar of MAC pigment is too much for many people to spend on. So, I think Sample pigment is a great idea for those who wants pigment in various colors in same amount of money that you buy FULL SIZE JAR.

So, here is the thing:
1. All my pigment sample will come in a small jar (no shifter)
2. It's 1/4 tsp amount of product per jar.
3. I do sanitize all jars and the scoop with alcohol after I wash them with soap. So, it's definitely CLEAN if you wonder.
4. I have many colors as I post them on the top (photos). However, I will have all pigments from OVVERICH COLLECTION (I need to get the antique green & Heritage Rouge.. that's all)
5. It's 100% authentic (if you curious.) I buy every pigments here in Thailand, and I bought it directly from MAC store!!
6. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENT!! It's safe.PayPal allows you to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal account balances. I'm apologize that we cannot accept other payment methods like cheque or postal orders.
Item will be shipped to Paypal shipping address only except special notes from you!!


1. If you want to buy my pigment, please list all the name of the pigment you want in the comment box. You can send your order to my email as well - vivadazzlin@hotmail.com
2. Don't forget to put your email along with the name (full name or any name that you want) and the discount code!!
3. After I calculate all the price (and of course, the extra discount - I will talk about it later), I will give you my paypal email and then you can send me money through it. I'm using PAYPAL EMAIL PAYMENTS!!
4. After your payment is clear, I will shipped the product out on the next business day.

That's that..!! very easy & simple !! yooohooo!!

FOR PRICE - It's USD$ 4.50 for every colors

FOR SHIPPING RATE (international) --> I live in THAILAND SOOOOO ... It's cheaper for those who lives in ASIA ^^ but I ship internationally though.. ^^

1-2 samples: USD$3.95

3-5 samples: USD$5.95

5-10 samples: USD$7.95

10-17 samples: USD$10.95

The price is not a register mail. Therefore, if you wish to register it please ADD USD$2 on the total prices. It will comes with tracking numbers which allow you to track your item throughout the process of shipping.

Please note that some countries will have custom duty or tax for certain items. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all endued custom duty or tax.ince our price do not include this charge.

PACKAGING - I will put all the pigments in a jar (without shifter) and will label it for you. It will comes in a Bubble Envalope not a brown letter thingy!! Just to make sure that your items will deliver in a good condition.

PLUS******** There will be a gift on every order that you purchase with me!!!! I'm so niceee.. hahah

approximately 7 – 14 days for Australia, South East Asia and Asia
approximately 7 - 21 days for UK., US, and Canada
approximately 10-28 days for Europe

For more information, feels free to ask :)

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