Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Maximize the UDPP

Since I felt like my UDPP kinda run out.. Sooo... I decide to do like what many youtube guru did... MAXIMIZE THE UDPP by cut it out into pieces hahah. Well, So here is HOW I DID IT!!

MY TOOlS - a sharp strong knife - empty jar - anything that can scoop out the cream - some cardboard?? you know!! 555(like in the photo) and alcohol to sanitize every tools

Then my first cut is at the fattest position - I took like almost 10 mins 555 to cut it out

This is how you gonna get! A LOTTTT you see!!

First half!! use the tool to scoop out!! You know.. I change the tools from small spoon to a clip (I don't know if you call it like this)

My second half of the UDPP - Can you BELIEVE it isssssss ALOT in the case!!

Then my second attempt is to cut the bottom of so then I can scoop out the rest

Unfortunately, After 10mins .. I can't even cut it out ... BUT you see the end?? It's already open!! So I decided to cut it out instead and you know it took me only 1 min 55555

This is how you will get!

Scoop it out from the case!

That's it guys!! very easy!! 555


Askmewhats said...

Hi! morning to you, I will be cutting mine soon! A lot of my blogger friends told me not to put it on Plastic containers as it will dry up the UDPP, so maybe..try it in a glass container? good thing they told me, I won't cut it for now and look for a glass container :)

Pear said...

Oh really?? hmm... I will try to find the glass container and replace it !thanks ^^