Saturday, August 16, 2008

VOTD: Bronze Beach Look

Actually, this look was inspired by one singer from Korea... unfortunately I'm not as sexy as her.. so.. I can only copy her eyes' makeup!!

Anyway, It looks very pretty and it goes with the concept of bronze beach look so I decided to do this look. However, you can just change it up a little bit by using pink lip color or glamorous nude color and just put on false lashes and then you're good to go!! It's sexy, yet very simple. For example, you can adapt the look and use for everyday look as well... So it depends on your creativity!!

Anyway, This is the look and it's brownnn (like I said in the Tut.), so it definitely looks good on every skin tone.. ^^ Especially Asian :P

There'll be more upcoming tuts soon. Maybe tomorrow when I done with my readings - -" Well, hope you guys like the look - I love it!! I wear it several times already..

Take care guys here is some photos and a list of products.

List of products: (not MAC will be stated)

Tea time p/g
Amber lights e/s
time&space e/s
Magnetic field e/s
Vanila p/g
Revlon black liner
Landcome mascara
Bourjois duochorme eyeliner in brown
smolder pencil liner

Face & cheeks:
Sculpt and shape powder in Bone Beige Emphasize
Bourjois poudre clubbing - gold bronzing powder
NARS Luster

Majolica Majorca lipgloss in BE210
Benifit Lip plump


onyxk. said...

i love the look.
wish i could a natural version of the benefit lip plump you use!

Pear said...

thanks .... glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

I love all your looks!! You're gorgeous!!!

Pear said...

thank you :)

Dee said...

hey Pearisa, is that Leehyolee? I LOVE her! she is sooo sexy! the look you did!

Dee said...

oh,btw.. i went to Holt Renfrew(the luxury dept store in Canada) and i went to balenciaga to buy a CITY size in creamy color(like yours)and it's around $1300, buta they only have red and gray in city size, my friend got part time size in Sky Blue, buta i feel part time is too small,i ask the sales hold the gray one for me n i dont know if US sold out that color too. so where did you get urs n how do think about CITY size in GRAY? cheers..

Pear said...

Yea... Lee hyo ri... She's so sexy.. Luv luv her!

For the Balenciaga bag.. I got them here, in Thailand. We've have Balenciaga shop and lots more of those lux. brand..

Anyway, the grey one is the new color for this season isn't it? I'm not so sure but I think I saw it at the shop last week. It is really pretty though.. I like it!! but you know I also like the Black one with the gold metal thingy too.. That one is pretty! I think every color that comes with gold metal is pretty! 555.. but anyway, the grey one is pretty.. but you have to think about how useful it would be. hmm.. If you get to use it very often and if it goes with many of your clothes then.. get it! You know it's up to u.. hehe!

PS. HOW COME!!! $1300 really?????? OMG that's pretty cheap ( I mean cheaper than here) I got mine like USD$1941 ... :(

Dee said...

Actually the gray and the deep red are the new color for coming fall..I think i ll get the gray one through, coz as you said it pretty much match most of my dress. $1300 was the price for the City size BEFORE tax, TAX in canada is 1.15 which is a lot. Your size is WORK size, it is more expensiver than City size. after tax i think will be almost the same. I love the blk with gold too! wish to have them all !
Thank you very much for your thoughts! take care pearisa...

Pear said...

OHHH... That's cool ^^ Don't forget to put the new BAG on your BLOG!! Take care Dee

Pear :D

Brooke said...

I love it!

Pear said...

thanks brook