Friday, August 8, 2008

VOTD: Glittery pink makeup look

Product I used: (not MAC will be listed)

NYX Glitter cream palette in Eden - pink
PureLuxe Disco p/g
Mixing medium
Vanila p/g
Cream De Violet e/s
White Frost e/s
Ebay Falsies
Landcome Mascara
Smolder eye kohl pencil

Benefit Lip plum
Melrose mood l/s
Nymphette l/g

Play around pink (color form)
Plesantry (Sonic Chic)


Dee said...

hey Pearisa,
I just got a blog-->

welcome to my blog..

waiting for your new vid and talk to you soon... ciao!


Pear said...

hey Dee!! I added you to my friend list already!! hehe... ttyl


Anonymous said...

very pretty. what kind of ebay falsies were they?

Pear said...

hey, I got them from, think so. It's a straight natural style and on the box it has Korean alphabet on it so.. yea.. that's all I know ^^