Saturday, August 23, 2008

MAC in mode work shop @ Paragon

Well..... First of all, the Mac in mode Work shop is the work shop that will update the new trends. Not only you will be introducing and having the first taste of the NEW COLLECTION that will launch next month in Thailand but also you will get to PURCHASE the products as well. Moreover, you will get to learn from the basic and get to work side by side with professional makeup artist!! (MAC BA :P)

I attended this class for the 3rd time already... It isn't just go learn how to do your foundation or things like that but also get to know new technique try new style and you knoww.... HAVE FUN!! However, the cons of this is thattt..... they will only work on looks for the new collection that they introduced as well as you have to buy a voucher for 3500 baht (around USD103$ with tax.) BUT keep in mind that you can change those voucher into MAC PRODUCTS after the class done.

Talk about the new collection, I love love loveeee.. their quads !! So pretty and pigmented (as always) ... BUT THE SADDEST PART is that.. the upcoming season, fall, is all about a dark lips and bold eyes..!! I can handle the bold eyes... but the dark red/plum/etc lips is SO NOTTTT me!! I tried you know but!! you know what.. I looks so scary!! OMG!! I would never wear that color again. But for those who loves red/dark lips!! This is the collection for youu.... there's one lipgloss in red!! so PRETTY!!! 555

Well well... I got some pics for you guys so check them out!!

I will do the HAUL later on.. (again again again ... still didn't do any haul) .. I will try my best!!

me with the look on the new collection

my position in class - front row student 555

the set - where the senior makeup artist talk and illustrate the work

the new collection - CULT OF CHERRY


Askmewhats said...

you looked great with the new collection

Pear said...

thank you :D