Saturday, August 9, 2008

VOTD: MAC color form makeup look

COLOR FORM: Cool eyes with Circa Plum

Products I used: ( If not MAC will be listed)

Circa Plum p/g
Color form cool eyes palette
Bobbi brown violet gel liner
Smolder eye kohl pencil
Landcome mascara

EM Salon Fun

Majolica Majorca BE210
Bobbi brown Nude Beige


Anonymous said...

Hey Pear! I love ur videos and ur reli adorable!

Just a quick Q, I wanna get the UDPP from your but I have no idea how the shipping, price and everything.

Can u give me a brief on that?

P.S. I live in HK.

Cheers, R

Pear said...


about UDPP - I bought it from JAPAN though.. so .. I sell it at 25$ and the shipping, I believe it around 8-10$ I have to check ^^ and What you will get is the UDPP standard size but if you buy up to 29$ then you will get 5% discount :) so... that's about it.. I know it's a little bit pricey than in US but.. I get it kinda expensive too so.. ^^

PS. If you really going to buy it then I will check with the post office and see how much it cost for shipping :)

Alyssa said...

I ran into your blog through other blogs. I just have to comment how adorable you are! :)

Pear said...

Thank you Alyssa ^^